Michael Hidalgo


my first time 12.9.2005

I am a perfectionist and thought that I would never “publish my blog,” until it was perfect ... then I thought, "who cares?" I am no web designer, and it looks good enough for me. So read what I have written, or in one case what Rudyard Kipling has written, and comment. Check back from time to time as I am sure I will continue to have these thoughts that find themselves out in the world of cyberspace.

desert 12.1.2005

i have begun to realize that the desert is actually quite a fruitful place. the difference between it and fertile land is that the when you do find fruit and water it is that much more rewarding.

U2 concert 11.10.2005

Many have asked about the U2 concert Beth and I went to in Detroit. It was unreal. Beth and I were right in front. The picture that you see was one that was taken with a disposable camera. It was fantastic. You can see the review I posted at www.U2.com as well.
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