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road-sqEvery time we say “yes” to something it invariably involves us saying “no” to something else. This is where I presently find myself – I have said yes, and, as a result I have also said “no”. So, I have to say goodbye.

Over the last several months a stirring in my heart and soul has grown; a desire to give more of myself than ever to the things that mean the most to me. Two things at the top of the list are my family and Denver Community Church – in that order. Over the years my love and commitment for both has only deepened and grown.

At the same time, my love and commitment has been diverted by a host of other things: writing books, speaking, traveling, blogging, interviews, conferences – all good things and opportunities to use my gifts, but things that demand my time and energy.

And we only have so much time and energy to give. And for every bit we give in one place it pulls from somewhere else. In an attempt to remain centered and present in all places I’ve gradually run faster and faster.

The irony is I’ve slowly been working on a book about slowing down, remembering to breathe, remaining centered, living with awareness and awe and wonder at this magnificent world we live in that gives us gifts each and every moment. The more I worked on this book, the more I realized the energy I gave to it lead me away from health, not toward it.

As a result, I have chosen for the next season to give my whole self – every bit of my emotional and spiritual energy, creativity, time and attention only to my family and Denver Community Church. My family and my church are my “yes”.

Which brings me to my “no.” I am taking an indefinite hiatus from writing books and blogging (outside of a few commitments I have to fulfill or articles that are already written and awaiting publishing), along with any and all activity on Facebook and Twitter. I’m shutting it down for a time and I have no immediate plans about when I will be back.

Until then … may you have eyes to see the few things that truly matter, and, with each passing day, may you give more of yourself to those things. Grace and peace to all of you.

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